High Precision Laser Cutting Machine

Now fiber laser cutting machine have so wide application in metal cutting fields. The most popular driving system is servo motor system and have big cutting size reach to 1500*3000mm, and the cutting size is about 0.06mm. Generally this large fiber laser cutting machine used on metal processing industry.

Most end user use fiber laser cutter cut >0.5mm metal plate. For thin metal sheet, ordinary fiber laser cutting machine have low precision as the sheet may have deformation when blow auxiliary gas. In this case, how to cut the thin sheet less than 0.5mm?

Precision fiber laser cutting machine

Different with 3000*1500mm fiber laser cutting machine, precision fiber laser cutter usually is small cutting size. Now what we design is 600*600mm cutting size. Also we design two different transmission system. One is ball screw system and one is linear motor system. Both these two machine type have same outside shape, but their transmission system is different.

Ball screw precision fiber laser cutter is popular as its price is same with normal machine. Its precision can reach 0.03mm. Linear motor fiber laser cutting machine use linear motor system. Its precision can reach 0.01mm, and it have very wide application in electric fields.