High Speed Laser Cutting Machine

ACCURL Fiber laser cutting machine delivers unparalleled high parts production and first class cutting quality in thin to thick sheet metal thicknesses. High speed cutting of plate materials to 6.5 ft x 39 ft.

The single mode fiber laser with excellent beam quality enables high-speed and high-quality cutting.

Cutting of copper, copper alloys, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals is possible by these fiber laser cutting machines.

Compared to CO2 laser cutting machines, power consumption is reduced by more than 60%, thus realizing an energy saving and low running cost machine by these fiber laser cutting machines.

The right laser cutting system for every requirement – from versatile fiber laser cutting machines in a range of formats and capacities capable of processing thin to thick ferrous and non-ferrous materials to high production laser tube cutting machines, all with performance-enhancing options, as well as laser automation.

No matter the ACCURL laser cutting machine you choose, you are assured of reliable operation, consistent accuracy, and high control over the production process for top-quality laser cutting results.