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In line with clients’ diverse requirements across the country, we are offering Vegetable Oil Filling Machine that work on volumetric principle with diving nozzles. The machine is mechanically operated, which does not require any compressor. Our range is widely used for filling bottles automatically in various industries like chemical, food processing & pharmaceutical. These machines ensure faster and efficient filling of liquids. The main drive of the filling machine and conveyor drive consist of A/C Motor with synchronized variable A/c Frequency drive.
About Vegetable Oil Filling Machine we have the following products:

Automatic Sunflower Vegetable Oil Filling Machine

Automatic sunflower vegetable oil filling machineThe machine adopts special three-way filling valve, suitable for irrigation water and cream products, especially for high viscosity material (such as thick sauce, chili sauce, tomato sauce, seed coating, microemulsion and so on) the effect is obvious, and the accuracy is high.
The machine adopts PLC programming control, with 6 Inch Touch screen man-machine interface system, implement automatic bottle feeding, automatic filling, automatic bottle, electrical, pneumatic components, uses the international brand, to ensure that the excellent quality and stable performance.
The machine is equipped with a filling head to prevent leakage and wire drawing, ensure filling after no leakage, no drawing.


Filling capacity 25-250ml,50-500ml,150-1000ml,500-2500ml(different specifications can choose to order)
Filling speed 50-80 bottle / min (refers to the 50-500ml range of 6 calculations)
Filling accuracy <±1%
Power Supply 380V 50HZ
Pressure(MPa) 0.5-0.7
Outline dimension(mm) 2000×1000×1800
Weight(kg) 500

Automatic Bottle Can Tin Vegetable Oil Filling Machine

Oil Liquid Bottle or Keg Filling Equipment ManufacturerThis filling production line consists of GP turntable, XP rolling bottle rinser, viscosity filler, vacuumize jar capper, automatically finish the function of bottle infeeding, rinsing, hot filling, steam filling and capping. The filler equipped unique and particular non-return valve, sanitary, temperature, acid and alkaline resistance. Long life and high filling precious. The capper can fill steam, vacuumize the jar while the steam cooling to water, for good seal to keep the material fresh. Whole line fully meet to the requirement of GMP.


Adopts Piston pump/magenetic pump/weigher etc(depends on customers` material and filling quantity)
Filling nozzles with drip-proof
Conveyor with photo sensor
Machine cabinet
PLC and Human-computer touch screen. Etc no bottle, no filling
Using the rotating type pump and measuring the weight by Quantitative cylinder, filling quality is very accurate.


Filling Head 2, 4, 6, 8 , 10, 12 etc(based on the capacity)
Filling Volume 0.5L, 1L, 1.5L ,2.5L, 5L,20L etc(customized)
Filling Speed 1000-5000 BPH
Filling Precision  ≤±0.5%
Power Supply 380V,220V 50-60HZ
Power ≤1.5kw
Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MPa
Net Weight 450kg
Dimension(mm) 1440*850*1600

Food Vegetable Oil Filling Machine

Food Vegetable Oil Filling MachineThe Food Vegetable Oil Filling Machine are designed to dispense products of different viscosity, ranging from water thin liquids to thick cream and serve as ideal filling machines for the cosmetic, food, pharmaceutical, oil and specialty industries as they have the features of high filling speed, high filing accuracy and wide applicability.


Equipped with a bottle mouth localizer to make the machine suitable for different shapes of bottles including irregular bottles “No drip” filling nozzle can assure that dripping and stringing will not happen. This machine has functions of”no bottle no fill”, “malfunction check and malfunction scan automatically”, “security alarm system for abnormal liquid level”.The parts are connected with clamps, which makes the machine easy and quick to disassemble & assemble and clean.The series of machine has compact, reasonable configuration and nice, simple appearance.

Vegetable Oil Plastic Filling and Sealing Machine

Vegetable Oil Plastic Filling and Sealing MachineOlive oil bottling line series is special for edible oil rinsing filling, capping and equipped with rotary transmission, PLC and frequency adjuster in speed. It is innovated and designed in the requirement of edible oil technics, on the bases of introducing, digesting and absorbing advanced technology abroad. It is reasonable in structure, safe to operate and easy to maintain, which is an ideal choice for edible oil producers.


1. Compact structured, good-looking, easy to operate and highly automated.
2. Parts with contact with material are all made of stainless steel of food-grade, no dead angles and easy to clean up.
3. Filling volume is controlled with film valves to ensure accurate filling.
4. High-speed and highly accurate HBM weight(± 0.1%) filling valves ensure no loss of liquid at high speed.
5. Liquid buffer element specially designed inside filling valves can eliminate the cutting affection and wallop between liquid and container, easy to eliminate the air bubble in material.
6. Capping heads are magnetic constant-torque equipped to ensure capping quality with no damage.
7. Highly effective cap sorting and feed in system is protective for feed in and cap absence.
8. Equipped with overload system to safeguard machine and operators.
9. Equipped with cap absence detecter and bottle jam-up detecter which could stop the monoblock in that case.
10. Equipped with output calculating function for monoblock.
11. Main electronic components( touch screen, PLC and frequency inverter) are MITSUBISHI
12. Components of pneumatic system are products of FESTO.
13. Touch screen operated.